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An Interpretation of our Masonic Symbols

A Questioning Eye On Freemasonry

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A collection of fresh in-depth articles exploring the curiosities of Freemasonry

in their historical context and that of wider society. The author John Belton

produces works with an evidence based intellectual detachment and ability to

entertain the reader rarely found in Masonic writing.

Perfect for the Masonic researcher and busy Mason alike its easy to just dip in-to

this work when you have some time spare to make your daily advancement.

There is variety within the covers to enjoy, the story of the English support for

Garibaldi, the place of the Royal Arch in Ancient Masonry, the Scottish Brother

who invented the Savings Bank concept; or even 1813 Union of Antients &

Moderns, and much, much more.



256 Printed Pages

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