Emulation First Degree Only Ritual

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ISBN: 9780853185321

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The perfect gift for the newly made Mason, providing him with an authoritive grounding in Masonic symbolism and practice and everything he needs for his next degree. This book allows the Initiate to be able to read through the ritual he has just gone through and to learn directly from the lectures the true meaning of the symbols and events in that degree. It's important that every candidate is given this book so that he can feel confident in the lodge and learn the questions he needs for the the next degree, the lines of the opening and closing odes and the routine for Masonic fire.

This book contains -

  • The Complete Ceremony of the Entered Apprentice Degree (Initiation),
  • The Official Emulation Lectures explaining the symbolism of the First Degree (some sections of which are as old as the ritual itself!),
  • The questions to the candidate before the Second degree,
  • Instructions on performing Masonic fire and the opening and closing odes.

ISBN: 9780853185321

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